Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008

Asking the some one go to Gili Air

A : "Excuseme, Could you tell me the way to Gili Air ?"
B : "Yes of course, is it the first time for you to come here ?"
A : "Yes, you are right, who are you ?"
B : "Oh, I am a guide"
A : "Oh, I am happy to see you"
B : "Ok, thank, what can i help you ?"
A : "Could you follow me go to Gili Air ?"
B : "Ok, but how will we go there ?"
A : "Ok it is up to you, i don't know"
B : "Ok, we should go there by public tranportation"
A : "How much is it from here ?"
B : "Oh, it,s just Rp. 100.000"
A : "Ok let,s go"

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