Selasa, 05 Maret 2013

The Importance of Reading

         Number of young generation dominates in Indonesia. They give big effect for our country. Most of them do not -like reading. In their opinion, reading is very boring. It just wastes their time, they prefer doing other exciting thing. But, they must realize that reading is important to transform knowledge. By reading they will understand what they do not see by themselves.

          Reading is important to transform knowledge, because the knowledge is required to improve the quality of human life. The world has changed become globalization. Those people with little knowledge will be left behind, and Indonesian is become under develop country, many crime, many unemployed, many poor people, many dirty place. So, most people in all modern countries have to realize the importance of reading and they have good reading habits.
           To grow understanding in a young generation’s mind is not an easy job. It needs hard work from all components of nation, especially the government. They should give some public facilities like down town library, park for reading, and advertise “how to importance of reading in mass media: TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, bulletin, internet, and other. It can also be conducted by the teacher, parents, and all people who care. So they can enjoy reading which give them valuable knowledge and inspiration.

            In short, reading habit should be initiated so those young generations have knowledge and they are not left behind. Although it is not easy to do but has to be forced to save the young generation from stupidity.

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